Grimoire Viperian Web Enhancement/Errata

It’s Here! The Grimoire Viperian Free Web Enhancement & Errata PDF!

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  • Grimoire Viperian spell lists for non-core base classes (inquisitor, magus, etc.)
  • New pyro base class feats and talents
  • New shapeshifter base class forms, feats, and magic items
  • Tips for playing, building and optimizing pyro and shapeshifter characters
  • Clarifications and corrections to the Grimoire Viperian base classes and several prestige classes, designed to improve playability and provide even more options

Question: I already own the original Grimoire Viperian. Can I get a free, updated version that includes the spell lists, feats, shapeshifter forms, pyro talents, magic items and corrections from the Web Enhancement & Errata PDF?

Paizo Customers:
If you bought the original Grimoire Viperian PDF from Paizo and you wish to download the updated version of the Grimoire Viperian, you may do so for free at

DrivethruRPG Customers:
All DrivethruRPG customers who bought the original Grimoire Viperian have been sent a notification with a link to download the free, updated version from the website. Note: If you elected not to receive e-mails from DrivethruRPG, you may not have received this notification. If this is the case, please e-mail Magic Skull Games and attach a copy of your original, personalized Grimoire Viperian PDF as proof of purchase. Please allow 2-3 weeks for a response.