Where can I buy the Grimoire Viperian?

The Grimoire Viperian is now available online from  DriveThruRPG and Paizo.com store as a PDF!

Get your copy now! =D


Does Magic Skull Games have plans to print the Grimoire Viperian?

If the sales numbers are up there, I will definitely consider it. Who knows, I may even use Kickstart if there’s enough demand. Stay tune on this one, as well!


Does Magic Skull Games accept submissions?

Sorry, not at this time. I’m too busy cooking up all the wickedly fun stuff planned for current and near-future releases.


Is Magic Skull Games interested in partnering with other third-party RPG publishers?

There are a lot of really great third-party RPG publishers out there who I could be coaxed into working with! 😉  It’s publishers like these that inspired me to create Magic Skull Games and the Grimoire Viperian, in the first place.