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Magic Skull Games is an independent publisher of fantasy supplements, adventures, and other gaming materials for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game published by Paizo Publishing. Future plans are in the works for generic system goodies, as well.

“Wickedly fun game supplements” is the MSG mantra. My goal is to publish a variety of innovative, quality, fun and affordable accessories, supplements, and source materials,  intended to be easily dropped into any Pathfinder game or similar fantasy RPG system.

MSG aims to create materials that are rich in content, evocative of classic sword and sorcery themes, yet also present cool twists on those classics, as well as original and exciting new ideas. MSG strives to continually breathe new life into the games that millions of players around the world love.

I sincerely hope you enjoy each and every product MSG puts out there as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Steven F. Johnson, MSG Founder

About the Founder

Magic Skull Games was founded by Steven F. Johnson, a longtime, irascible old grognard gamer who in the last 30+ years has had three adventures published in a certain famous world-wide “dungeony” magazine and played everything from the first basic D&D set, first edition D&D to 3.5, Pathfinder, Star Frontiers, Gamma World, Top Secret, Marvel Super Heroes, Car Wars, Warhammer, Talisman, and gods know how many other games.

Steve  is a DM, player, writer, artist, graphic designer and web designer who also dabbles in cartography, 3D modelling and animation. Steve has always had a love for the classics of fantasy sword and sorcery and if his game supplements capture even a fraction of their atmosphere and feel, he will be a happy man.

Steve currently lairs somewhere on the east coast not too far from the beach with his wonderful wife, awesome daughter, and killer miniature attack poodle. His lair is surrounded by a 1/2 acre of scorching hot lawn populated by voracious Dallis grass and other nameless weeds too terrible to mention, which takes entirely too long to mow and is completely immune to charm plants spells. This lair is further guarded by the very latest in cheap charcoal grills festooned with too many hot dogs, burgers, ribs, pork tenderloins, beer brats, and other artery clogging heart stopping meat products, and is surrounded by a hopefully hurricane proof fence of the finest plastic material. Uninvited delvers, beware!

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