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Knight Inexorable Prestige Class

The Knight Inexorable prestige class from the Grimoire Viperian is not just a cavalier. Mechanically they are different, and the PrC is not mount-focused, having only two mount-related abilities – Spur Mount and Inexorable Lance. Other than that, it suits a “foot knight” type of character well, especially if you’re going to be in dungeons or other areas where a cavalier’s mount can’t go. At the same time, the two mount-related abilities give the PrC a little edge in the saddle, as befits a proper knight.

The Knight Inexorable isn’t designed around teamwork feats or challenges, either. That being said, the PrC is definitely modeled after the classic knights of legend, and that may be where the some might get the impression it’s just a cavalier comes from, since the cavalier is now seen by many as the class to take if you want a knight-themed character. But it shouldn’t be the only option.

The Knight Inexorable PrC was intended primarily for paladins as an alternative path to another type of “knightly” character theme, though it can also be obtained by fighters who have a higher than normal Wisdom or Charisma, or melee oriented fighter/clerics. You could even take the class as a cavalier instead of paladin, for some nice variation.

The PrC is also named “Inexorable” for a reason – it stresses mitigating some of the weaknesses that fighter type characters possess: low Will saves and the vulnerability to control/manipulation spells that comes with it, low Reflex saves, and avoiding impeding effects such as stunning and hold person spells. With the right insignia, the knight can even triumph over magical barriers and effects using his Dispel Magic ability, something that’s very unique for a melee class. Again, this represents the Knight Inexorable’s heroic will and destiny to succeed where others might fail.

The Knight Inexorable’s bonus feats are designed primarily around the idea of defense and further mitigating weaknesses, making the knight harder to stop, and making use of shields as weapons. The bonus shield feats also help make the Knight Inexorable a more viable “sword and board” character, using a one-handed weapon and a shield.

The Knight Inexorable PrC is also not just for players, it makes for some great NPCs, both heroic or villainous. But why not just make a cavalier instead of going the Knight Inexorable PrC route, you ask? You certainly could – the cavalier is a great knightly class and one of my favorites, too. The Knight Inexorable is a different take on the classic knight, with different abilities and mechanics. It’s one more cool new alternative option to spice up the game. That’s what I love about Pathfinder — all the possibilities and twists you can do for your character or your NPCs, and that’s a big part of what the Grimoire Viperian was designed to provide. 

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