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FREE Grimoire Viperian Web Enhancement

Magic Skull Games has released the free Web Enhancement & Errata PDF for the Grimoire Viperian.

This free PDF includes:

  • Enhancements: Pages of new material, advice, and rules:

    • Spell lists for the Grimoire Viperian spells for non-core base classes such as the Alchemist, Anti-Paladin, Summoner, Oracle, Inquisitor, Witch and Magus

    • Exciting new feats for the Pyro base class

    • New Pyro talents

    • Exciting new feats for the Shapeshifter base class

    • New high-level Forms of the Mythical Beast for the Shapeshifter

    • Advice and tips for playing the Shapeshifter and Pyro base classes, including recommended animal and magical beast forms for the Shapeshifter, and recommended abilities, skills, feats and magic items for both classes

    • Shapeshifter magic items: Rules for allowing shapeshifters to use druidic “wild” magic items, plus two new magic items specifically designed for the shapeshifter and casters who use polymorph spells

  • Errata:

    • Important changes to the Shapeshifter and Pyro base classes and several other prestige classes to improve playability

    • Corrections and clarifications for other minor glitches and typos

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