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The Grimoire Viperian

A new third-party supplemental PDF book for the smash hit Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The Grimoire Viperian adds new flavor and excitement to any game, for both players and GMs alike!

  • 160+ pages of Pathfinder and OGL compatible content (PDF)

  • Intriguing backstory designed to fit in with any campaign

  • Exciting and unusual new base classes: the Shapeshifter and the Pyro

  • 33 unique prestige classes,including many specifically designed for multi-class characters, and many with a serpentine, barbaric, elemental, knightly, assassin or weapon specialist theme. Just a few examples include the Serpent Warlock, Wolf Clan Warchief, Earth Lord, Storm Knight, Knight Heretic, Knight of the Death Angel, Silent Adder, Dread Crusher, Master of the Razor Scourge, and many more!

  • Supernatural Signs of Good and Evil, designed to add customizable powers to any character, villain, or monster, and unique flavor to any campaign or adventure.

  • New “Eldritch Path” feats provide a way for spellcasters to “specialize” in a unique path of themed spells, such as the Secrets of the Grimoire, Secrets of the Fiend, Secrets of the Netherdark, Secrets of the Mist, The Secret of Blades, and more!

  • New spells of all kinds, including many designed with a serpentine theme in mind

  • New magic items, weapons  and armor, such as the Sorcerous Helm, Razor  Scourge, Angelic Breastplate, Cobra Scale Armor, Black Mamba Scale Armor, Hellreaver Battle Axe, and more!

  • New monsters and monster templates, such as creatures of Entropy, sentient serpents, deadlier variants of classic venomous snakes, serpentine undead, trog trolls, viperian dragons, and more!


Requires the use of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, and some content makes use of rules from the Advanced Player’s Guide, Bestiary 3, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic.

Copyright 2012-2018 Steven F. Johnson (Magic Skull Games). All Rights Reserved.

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